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"The Networking Industry gives people a creative opportunity to set up their own business and improve themselves"

Stephen R. Covey.


Author of 10 Million copy Best Seller " The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"


RMP Success Stories

A few years ago, people with limited means of living joined RMP INFOTEC PVT. LTD. by purchasing a starter pack.

Today, those people are living in large bungalows, driving BMWs and Mercedes' and helping people from their villages and towns to replicate their success.

They are ordinary people just like you and me, with no special skill or talent, but with one common trait: A DESIRE TO HELP OTHERS.

There are thousand of SUCCESS STORIES: many rags-to-riches millionaires, some MBA graduates, and even high-ranking people who quit their full-time corporate job to just focus on RMP. They are all part of this big family.

Below: Abilash Thomas, the youngest self-made multi-millionaire in India (probably in Asia!).

In 2002, he started in RMP by buying a C++ Software Package for Rs. 4500/-. Today, he makes over 7 Lakh per week ($16,000 per week) from RMP Infotec.


Abilash Thomas -  Youngest Entrepreneur of Asia - Self made multi millionaire through RMP Infotec.


The Crorepati Dream   -  NO LONGER A DREAM

Kaun Banega Crorepati started in June 2000. In 7 years, only 3 individuals made a Crore.

RMP Infotec Pvt Ltd. started in December 2001.  In 7 years, it has created over 200 crorepaties- all of them with recurring income in  crores (not just one time. Over and over again). At present, there are over 4000 people with a recurring income in lakhs.

Want to know more about this phenomenal company? Read on.

We will provide you Step by Step Process of how you can earn Thousands of Rupees by Joining RMP Infotec's Network Marketing / Multi Level Marketing (MLM) / Word of Mouth Program.

This is one of the best MLM's launched by an Indian Company, which is considered the BEST in ASIA. 

If you need any information or assistance, please feel free to send us a mail to

Business Concepts

Multilevel Marketing

The concepts of network marketing or referral marketing is a method of product distribution. The products are moved through distributors. The key difference with traditional marketing is that in 'network marketing' the distributor primarily markets the products through word-of-mouth advertising.

This method is more than 75 years old in Europe and is growing very fast across the world. It has been in India for last Twenty years. In fact this program, a home based Business, has created more 'crorepathies/millionaires' among ordinary people, than any other business or programs.

Special Advantages

If you choose this earning method, you can have profit without an investment. You need not work under any Boss, instead YOU can be your own BOSS. You can work in your own house and at your own convenience.  Area of operation is your own choice. You can distribute the products to any part of the world, not only in India.  We request you to choose this career without fear or reservation. This is the only business where there is no risk and or loss of money. You need not compete with any other person. 

How to become a distributor ?

You can become a DISTRIBUTOR of RMP Infotec, just by purchasing one of our branded products, details of which are available in our website.  You need to PURCHASE only ONE Product and you will become a Lifetime DISTRIBUTOR of RMP INFOTEC.  Once you become a distributor, you have to motivate two more persons for purchasing one of the products.   For every 2 persons joining under you, one in the left and other in the right, you will get an incentive/commission of Rs. 1,000 (Less:  Applicable TDS deductions).  Since the TDS is deducted from the commissions, the amount earned is tax free and end of the year you will receive a TDS Certificate confirming the tax paid by you.  All incentives/commissions are paid every week.  The MAXIMUM amount you can earn a WEEK is Rs.1,30,000, which is known as CEILING. 

We will now provide you some graphical presentation how this program work and you can become a CEILING ACHIEVER.

For any further information, please send an email to RMPOMAN@HOTMAIL.COM


For every 2 Pairs (one on left and one on right), you receive an incentive of Rs.1,000

In this example B & C each will get Rs. 1,000 and A will receive Rs. 3,000


In this example YOU have 7 Distributors on left and 7 on right, so YOU will receive Rs 7,000

In this example 16 on left and 14 on right, you will get Rs. 14,000 and when you have 20 on left and 20 on right, you receive Rs. 20,000.


In this example, 32 on left and 32 on right you get Rs. 32,000.    When you have 75 on left and 75 on right, you receive Rs. 75,000.  BUT when you have 150 on left and 150 on right, YOU will receive only Rs. 1,30,000 (Which is the CEILING)

If you work very slowly, getting 2 members every 3 months,

then also in 27 months you can achieve a CEILING (Rs. 1,30,000 commission).  So imagine if you get get 2 members every week,

and if you can get 2 members every day......


You get support from various TEAM as above. Our CIG TEAM is spread over Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and United Kingdom

Once you complete 250 Pair, you will receive regular ROYALTY INCOME.  You also have an opportunity to receive E-Commerce Monthly Income.




As per statistics, in 1920 Cost of Living in 1920 was Rs. 1/=. Can you imagine what will be the cost of living in 2010.

When you work as an employee or you have a self employment

(small business, etc.) you have to work more and receive less

income. When you don't work due to any reasons, you have no

income.  In MLM more time, little money, Equal time Equal money and Little time Lots of money, that is the power of MLM. 


This is a Cash Flow Quadrant invented by the Great Robert T. Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and the Rich Dad book series. 

Some of the extracts from the book is provided hereunder to give you an insight into the potentials of a Network Marketing business and how you should be successful in any Network Marketing business.

What does this Cash Flow Quadrant mean?

In the above Quadrant,    The "E" stands for "employee",

                                    The "S" stands for self employed or small business owner",

                                    The "B: stands for  "business owner"

                                    The "I" stands for "Investor"


What does "E" Quadrant represent?

If you receive your income from a job and you receive regular paycheck from the company or business you do not own, then your cash flows out of the "E" quadrant.  A person can be a janitor or the president of the company and be an employee.


What does "S" Quadrant represent?

If you are on commission or charge for your work by the hour then you probably in the "S" quadrant.  The "S" quadrant may also include professional people like doctors, lawyers, etc.  The "S" quadrant also includes most small business owners such as owners of restaurants, family businesses, consultants, service people such as yard and house cleaners. 


If your Income comes from a business that you do not have to work in, then you are in the "B" quadrant.


If your income comes from investments, then you are in "I" quadrant.


For  most part, the definitions are simple and clear cut.  The two quadrants that often cause some confusion are the "S" and the "B" quadrants.  The different is easy to define.  A "B" or big business owner can leave his or her business for a year or more and come back to find it running better and even more profitably.  A self-employed or small business owner often cannot afford to stay away for any length of time  In most of the cases, if a self-employed or small business owner stops working, his or her income stops coming in.


He also mentions in his book, "The more you seek job security, the less control you have over your life.  Control over how much you earn, how much you pay in taxes, and control over your free time.


Its our sincere suggestion that you buy some of the books written by Robert T. Kiyosaki, and read it several times to be successful in any kind Network Marketing.  If follow his suggestions, you also can be a very rich and successful.




There is NO Failure Except in Not Trying


You cannot be beaten at anything, until you quit in your own mind.


There is no defeat except from within.

You have no really insurmountable barrier,


except your own inherent weakness of purpose.

Consider yourself on a very long journey.

Sustain your personal vision of success.

In the end, you can only fail if you do not try.


Success is a road paved with perseverance.

The odds are with you if you keep on trying.

Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is.

If you've got the nerve to make it, you will.



Remember the 80/20 rule? AKA The Pareto Principle.

It was discovered in 1897 by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923).

In MLM, the rule can make us wealthy!

Sadly, most of us only exploit a tiny portion of it's power.

Vilfredo was looking at patterns of wealth in nineteenth-century England. He found that most of the income and wealth went to a minority of the people. Sound familiar?

He discovered that the distribution of wealth was predictably unbalanced.

The 80/20 rules says that a minority of your effort, focus, or inputs (20%) will yield 80% of your results.

So, in reverse, 80% of what you do adds up to extremely limited results for you.

How do you apply this to your prospecting of MLM leads list? Simple.

Invest 80% of your time working on what we call the right side of the 4 quadrants…with the people we call "Gold Stars". They comprise about 9-23% of any MLM leads list. We'll show you how to isolate them.

Your opportunity cost in working on the left quadrants is too great. It drains both time and emotions. And, it won't create a long-term sustaining "real" business or long-term wealth.

Success in MLM is not a lone ranger event. It's really due to you aligning both upline and downline with top tier people.  





Expect Success and It is Yours

Set your goals high.
You'll find that when you expect good things to happen, strangely enough, they will happen.
Your expectation energizes your goals and gives them momentum.
Your life will always respond to your outlook.
You must first expect to succeed if you want to succeed.
And you can't expect to succeed beyond your wildest expectations unless you begin with some pretty wild expectations.
The dreams you choose to believe in come to be.
When you believe something good can happen, it does.
Success is a matter of expectation.





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ABC’S of Success

A - Avoid negative people, things and habits.
B - Believe in yourself!
C - Consider things from every angle.
D - Don't give up and don't give in.
E - Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone
and tomorrow isn't here yet!
F - Family and Friends are treasures,
enjoy their riches.
G - Give more than you planned to give.
H - Hang on to your dreams!
I - Ignore those who try to discourage you.
J - Just do it!
K - Keep on trying, no matter how hard it seems.
L - Love yourself first and foremost.
L - Make it happen!
N - Never lie, cheat, or steal.
Always strike a fair deal.
O - Open your eyes and see things
as they really are.
P - Practice makes perfect!
Q - Quitters never win and winners never quit.
R - Read, study and learn about everything.
S - Stop procrastinating!
T - Trust in yourself and never give up.
U - Understand yourself and understand others.
V - Visualize your dreams.
W - Want to enjoy life.
X - X-ccelerate your efforts!
Y - You are unique in all the world,
and nothing can replace you.
Z - Zero in on your target and go for it!!


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