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For the benefit our Distributors to achieve an Extra Income, RMP offers an excellent Techno-Commerce called E-Commerce.

Though it is not mandatory to buy products through E-Commerce, Distributors can buy products at far less than the Market Retail Value if they so desire and EARN additional incentives.


Coming to RMP's other plans, the RMP E-Commerce Plan rides on the crest of the IT industry's growth bringing you the following advantages: Doorstep delivery, clear product categorization, Online purchase at best prices, wide range of product choices, efficient and user-friendly purchasing methods & purchase after complete satisfaction.

The RMP E-Shopping plan takes our distributor commitments a significant step further. They include: doorstep delivery of world class products, Next Generation technology education, Increased income through the RMP Business Plan, a marketable range of over 100 world class products and all purchases to be made online through the revolutionary RMP E-Card available in denominations of Rs. 500/-, Rs. 1,000/- and Rs.5,000/-. The RMP Business Plan has introduced you to several win-win advantages that you are undoubtedly aware of. They include weekly payments, group motivation, more income opportunities, strong management, proven R&D, international opportunity, high quality products, and most importantly, strong financial backing. Most importantly, you have access to unlimited income, no overheads, flexi-time working hours, special copyrighted exclusive products, and a home office environment. It is said that the greatest ideas in the world, the most successful plans on the earth are the simplest ones. In the network marketing business, one plan that stands out is the RMP Business Plan: an appropriate tool for lasting, efficient, and quick prosperity.

Truly a Win-Win choice that You can make, with commitment & understanding.




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