RMP INFOTEC - A Home Based Business
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RMP INFOTEC - A Home Based Business

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This website is created by RMP independent distributors of the Gulf TEAM for its own members. 

This website has no connection with RMP Infotec or its subsidiaries.

This website is created for providing vital information about RMP Business Opportunity for its members who wants to Earn Big.  

Our key leaders are Sunil Babu, Executive Diamond Achiever and K.J. Anthony, Diamond Executive and Abilash Thomas, Diamond Executive and who is also an amazing TRAINER.   We have several Achievers in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar. 

Most of the information is gathered from RMP 300 Weeks Diary.


Antony Bava and Sunil Babu our TEAM Leader.

Dr. Shamsudin - A great leader and our Inspiration. - 

Presently has 55 lakhs of distributors under his leadership.


RMP opened their first middle east office in Dubai, UAE.  Prelaunch was on 18th July 2008 at the prestigious Al Burj Hotel

Official launching was held at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium on 29th August 2008.

In the near future RMP Infotec will open their branches all over middle east.

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 - What is RMP - Its "Resource Money Power"

A Business of the People, for the people, by the people

A home based business and Investment / MLM / Distributorship opportunity with an "EARN WHILE YOU LEARN" concept, which is creating waves on the Internet. 

Company Profile: 

RMP Infotec Private Limited was established in August 2001 with the basic idea of educating and training the common people with latest computer technologies to meet with global standards of Information Technology. RMP also offers innovative products to target various sectors of people. RMP edges to give an ultimate network marketing essence with wider business growth and opportunities. RMP is backed up with an excellent base of binary plan which gives the Distributor an opportunity to earn uninterrupted income. The well organized system enhances our Distributors to have easy and effective completion of work.
RMP Mission

"To motivate everyone to realize and recognize their inner potential and turn it into a an asset for personal growth

and overall success"

RMP Vision :

If you need any information, please feel free to contact us -  Our Email: rmpoman@hotmail.com

An opportunity to earn Rs. 1,000 a week  to Rs.1,30,000 a week through Direct Selling





The RMP business model is designed so that both You and the company selling the product benefit maximum.

Your success depends on this simple 1-2-3 formula:

1 Product

Purchase one product from RMP from the comfort of your home

2 Referrals

Refer two people to RMP.
You need at least two people to qualify for payouts (and get your first cheque)

3 is a Team

Help Your team duplicate steps 1 and 2.

The Product:  From the official RMP website, purchase any 1 product. Enter all the required details and pay by Credit Card or DD. The product will be delivered to your house (or you can pick it up from your nearest RMP office).

This is an important step.  Please ensure that you enter all your details correctly.  If you need any assistance please get in touch with us. 

Two Referrals: Refer at least two people to RMP in order to become a qualified distributor (They could be your family members, relatives, friends or even yourself) and kickstart your income!  The RMP business works on the Binary Plan.

Three is a TEAM: You are the boss now! Train and guide your referrals to replicate. Teach them how to use the online registration system. If they need help in promoting RMP, guide them. Go along with them to meet prospects. Remember, their success is your success.

Every Friday midnight will be sales closing period. The entire week's business is totaled on Saturday and Sunday, the Cheques are couriered to you by Tuesday..

You can expect your network to grow to 100-200 people within a few months, depending on how dedicated you are and the kind of people you recruit.

The maximum payout per week for a distributor will be Rs 1,30,000.



Some important facts about RMP Infotec Direct Selling Opportunity

        Established in August 2001

        ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company

        Member of FICCI

        Member of World Trade Organisation (WTO)

        Global Online Business Opportunity

        Provide a Personalised  Website

        Promotes only Branded Products

        Zero Investment (Buy One product)

        Weekly Payouts (Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,30,000 depending on sales)

        Family Mart Income / E-Commerce Income

        Royalty Income

        Unlimited Income through Binary Plan

        Punctuality in delivery of products / incentive/commission payments

        All transactions through Bank

        Presentations/Training in all major cities of India

       Into 8th years of Successful business

       55 Lakhs of Distributors in India and Abroad

       More than 300 Crorepathis

       Numerous Benz / BMW / Luxury Car Achievers

       Thousands of Lakhpathis

        Thousands of Foreign Trip Achievers



Steps to become a Distributor of RMP Infotec.  - 



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We would appreciate your views and suggestions so that we all can make use of this information and be successful Network Marketers. 


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Belief is Everything


www.rmpinfotec.biz is your choice to financial freedom.  This is the vehicle allowing you to ride with every RMP' Distributors around the world - the global wave to wherever you want to be - personal and financial freedom.


Remember,  Effort + Patience  = Success!


"What the Mind can conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve!!!"

Faith is nothing more nor less than the operation of the thought forces in the form of an earnest desire, coupled with the expectation as to its fulfillment.


This Website is hosted on July 12, 2005

1st Update: June 16, 2006

2nd Update:  October 21, 2008

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